Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Our Sweet little Paytin!

Well i have not written on here for awile but i would like to tell you guys most of you guys know we had Paytin Ann Rae Egley June 3, 2011 9:13 pm. She was 4 Ibs 5 ounces 17 3/4 lenth after she came into this world i didnt get to hold her right after like i did with Audrina that was very hard for me! The nicu Nurses took her and weight her and all that. then they gave her too me all i could do is look at her and cry happy tears same with daddy. I got to hold her for a few mins then daddy got to hold her for a few mins. then they took her into the nicu that really killed me i kinda knew that she would have to go in there but i was hopeing they were going to make sure she was fine and then bring her too me but that never happend she ended staying in the nicu for 2 weeks and two days. that was way hard to leave our new baby girl behind when we left we went into pocatello to go see her every day then came back home. then two weeks, 2 days after she was in the nicu we could take her home we were so happy to get our sweet little baby girl home. its been 6 weeks scence she was born i got really bad post partam depression having to leave Paytin in the nicu didnt help me at all finally i had a really bad break down my loving most amazing guy told my in laws he wanted to divorce me (he was drinking i was too) anyways that was one bad night. when i called to talk to my husband 2 hours later he didnt wanna talk to me. well 30 mins to a half hour he called me back telling me that he got yelled at by his dad and mom they were very diapointed and mad. then he tells me i told them i wanted a divorce so then i stared to cry and about hipper ven a late. he got me too come down a little bit to tell me that his mom had to talk him outta of it that made it very worse i told him i dont want u to be with me if your mom had to talk u out of it i want u to be with me cuz u still wanna work thro our problems like married couples do. he tells me to come back home our baby Paytin wants me home and he does too..
so i go home and we kinda make up i was still having a break down knowing the love of my life wanted to divorce me... few hours later i had to go pick up Audrina from Utah well mom Egley drove down there to get her we didnt really talk to eachother i said something to her about Jared saying he was ready to divorce me she said yeah me and dad told him we would not support him with that decsion.. im kinda doing better slow but still depressed its no fun..
Audrina while i was in the hospital we all noticed her arm was hurting her, it was all swelled up well took her to the doc and sure enough her poor little arm was broke has to be in this cast for 6 weeks she gets it off this next monday :) well the hole time she was very confused were is my little sis she is not in moms belly anymore why cant i see my little sister? well i could tell something was up with my sweet pea so i asked her. she said my little sister were is she i told her she is fine she is in the hospital she is very tinny the doctors want her to get a little bit bigger before she comes home, so she dont get sick cuz of how small she is! the next day we put Paytin up to the window so Audrina could see her she was so excited to see her cute little sister!
Yesterday was my due date and im very glad we had her when we did cuz yesterday was 1 year scence gabe past away and so ungle Ben could see her before he left boot camp. when i heard July 12, 2011 was the due date i started to cry and said no that cant be the due date of all days why this day. i didnt understand it for awile why it had to be that day. i kinda figured the baby would not come right on the 12th but still. I didnt wanna tell my sis in law Amy what the due date was cuz i thought she would really be sad about the date but i did anyways had too and didnt wanna lie to her about it! she told me its fine im happy its ment to be! that made me feel a little bit better.
well thank u for takein the time to read this i kinda went far on this blog but i had to write about it and just express my feelings... I LOVE MY AMAZING HUSBAND I WANNA BE WITH HIM FOR EVER, EVEN IN THE AFTER LIFE............. Him and my two girls are my everything i would do anything for them!!!!!!!!

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  1. So glad you wrote out your feelings, sometimes that's the very best way to work through things. It always helps me to get it all down on paper or the blog. Love you very very much.