Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Well i guess im going to give this hole blog thing a try lol.. Jared and I are having a baby im so excited we FIND OUT FEB 22 what the sex is i can not wait!! im so blessed to have all the great people i have in my life.. We might have 3 kids in july when this baby comes. My nepfew is in states custody cuz my little sister was being stiuped and made alot of bad decsions well i get a phone call from his foster care case worker asking me if i can take my nepfew im second to ken so i thought about it and talked with my husband cryed and cryed cuz i was in foster care i was adopted its not all that great when you are not with your real family. Me and my husband talked about it and we are doing every thing we can do to get him. I just dont want him to have to go thro what i went thro. He deserves to be with family and not strangers he didnt ask for any of this! If my sister cant get him back we are going to adopted him i just wanna be able to have him in my life and be a aunt to him if he is with other people i might not be able to see him and be in his life. Its alot to deal with i know im just so glad i have the people i do in my life that understand and suport me! Thank you guys means alot to me...

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  1. I'm so excited you joined our crazy bloging world. If you need any help at all let me know. I've learned a lot.