Thursday, February 10, 2011

Im getting super excited!!

Well we have 11 more days tomorrow tell we find out for sure what the new baby is i can not wait i know all you guys know :) but im getting so excited so i thought i would blog about it. I cant wait tell we welcome this new Egley baby into the world. The 22 just needs to hurry up and get here. Tonight the baby was pushing on my rib i almost started to cry i forgot how bad that hurts! Im feeling this baby move more and more and it just brings happens to my face. Its mostly at night time when i feel this baby move when im trying to sleep its a pain in the butt but its worth it :) I dont think i felt Audrina move this early but they say in its your second or third pregancy you feel them move alot sooner thats what i read anyways!
Audrina that little girl we put her in her room tonight with a movie on and her bed is right by the dresser well she crawled up on the dresser and got a few things off the tv to play with she is so lucky she didnt fall of the dresser daddy was so so mad him and his temper. Im just glad she didnt fall, so we have to redo her room again!!


  1. I'm excited too!! That little Stinker Audrina she keeps you on your toes!!

  2. We are excited as well. can't wait to meet this little egley person. as fare as Audrina goes it dosen't do any good to get mad. trust me. I know. but it's hard not to sometimes, especaly when you know they could have been hurt. hang in there.